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1981 Southeastern Phaeton Cord 815SE

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The Southeastern Cord was a sensation when introduced. Noted Classic Car Author Dennis Adler, in June of 1981 teamed up with original ACD Designer, Alex Tremulus and in the first article published in COLLECTOR CAR magazine, report on their comparison of the Southeastern 815 to an original 812 Cord. In addition to their detail comparisons, they both found it to be “a wondrous piece of work”. Well Known ACD photographer and writer Mark Tyra of Milestone Motorcars presents his photos and evaluation of the Southeastern at the 2011 ACD Reunion. An April 1981 Dave Samuels CEO of Southeastern interview is presented, as well as the Southeastern New Car Owner Manual.

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Factoid 6

The "coffin nosed, patoon fendered 1936-37 Cord," as it is often referred to, is one of the most revolutionary and iconic America cars of all time.


Factoid 7

The 1936-37 Cord was originally designed to be a Duesenberg.  When comapny owner, Erret Loban Cord, saw its innovation and impressive design he said "Put my name on it."


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