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Video/Photo Gallery 1....

1981 Southeastern Phaeton Cord 815SE • Serial #1

Cord Serial 815-01 Gallery....

The 3 minute Southeastern 815-1 Cord  Video 1 “I drive a Baby Duesenberg” was recently produced using the latest videotaping technology.  Production included a millennial video producer, Cory Hawkins, using a camera attached to a Drone to capture his impressions and driving experience of the Second Generation Southeastern Cord.  The Cord was originally referred to as a Baby Duesenberg, providing Cory the inspiration to title his experience “I Drive a Baby Duesenberg.” 

“The photos in Gallery 1 of Southeastern 815-01 in this section were recently taken in a dealership photo studio. They are presented here to illustrate, with photos the quality of the work and features designed into the Legendary Southeastern by founder Dave Samuels and Production Manager, Mike Akins.

The photos in Gallery 2 illustrate the genealogy of six of the Southeastern’s located over the past few years. We are still looking for Southeastern 815-02 and 815-05. Please contact Gerald Manning at 515-778-7368 or if you have any information regarding their whereabouts.”

VIDEO: "Driving the Legendary 'Southeastern' Cord"


Colby Hawkins

Check out the 16 minute Jay Leno Video in Gallery 2.  Jay’s shares his love of his original first generation Cord.  Jay also presents the many innovations and “firsts” designed into the Cord in this Jay Leno 's Garage production.

Gallery 1 Photos....

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Factoid 4

Cord Design Firsts - front wheel drive, reclining headlights, unit body construction, rear quarter windows, full hubcaps, gas cover, horizontal grill and a horn ring rather than a button.

Factoid 5

The original Art Deco Cord design caused such a sensation when it debuted at the New York Auto Show in 1935 that orders came pouring in.


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