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1981 Southeastern Phaeton Cord 815SE Production Model #1

Cord SE 815 Revolutionary Styling

Cord SE 815-01 Serial Number Plate

Pontoon Fenders

Coffin Nose/Retractable Headlights

Beautifully Rounded Edges

Everything Simple | Everything Integrated

Design That Broke All Rules....

Certification information....

The Antique Automobile Club of America, the largest antique and classic car association in the world, has certified and accepted Southeastern Cord 815-1. This certification allows the car to be shown and judged at AACA events. Class 35C titled “Second Generation Collector Vehicle” (SGCV) was formed in 2012 to recognize second generation cars that were manufactured in quality control settings. Kit cars are not approved for this class. This section includes those items including the photos that were submitted to earn this accreditation.

Click the object for a larger view....

Click the object for a larger view....

Factoid 8

Look at the 1936-37 Cord in the context of when it was built. Look at all those rounded edges. It was revolutionary. There is no other word. It broke all the rules of design. Everything was simple, everything was integrated—the hood with the grill, the headlights that retracted into the fenders—and the proportions are perfect. It wasn’t designed by a committee—it was the work of one man, Gordon Buehrig.


Factoid 9

ROLLING SCULPTURE, the book authored by Cord designer Gordon Buehrig, best describes the 1936-37 Cord .


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